Patients suffering from chronic pain due to damage in their tendons, especially the Achilles tendon, may benefit from the use of Tenex technology.  Tenex is a minimally invasive procedure designed to relieve patients of their pain, reinstate their mobility, and return patients to their normal activities.  By using ultrasound imaging, the area of damage can be viewed and pinpointed for the procedure. 

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Quick pain relief
  • Restoration of mobility
  • Normal activities can be resumed

After it is located via ultrasound, the area of damage is numbed using local anesthetic. A tiny incision is then made, allowing for the insertion of the TX MicroTip.  The TX MicroTip then breaks down and removes the damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding tissue. Tenex also stimulates cell activity to accelerate the healing process.

After the procedure, a small bandage is applied to protect the incision.  No stitches are needed! Patients are typically able to quickly return to normal activities because no sedation is required.

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